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Written by Biggles   
Monday, 10 December 2012 00:00

Operation Iraqi Freedom
By Biggles

The RG task group under the name of U.S.M.C Task Force Golf Echo has been flown into the US controlled airbase in the city of Fallujah, Iraq.

Whilst the civilians in Fallujah are mostly OK with the presence of coalition forces, there are groups who are not. These a known as the "militia". They call them selves Iraqi freedom fighters. They are lead by Col. Aziz. We believe that if we attack their stockpiles of ammunition and kill their leader, their efforts in terrorising Iraq will finish. 

The RG task group has been given orders to clear the areas of the city that our intel suggests there may be 6 enemy cache locations. The Militia protect the cashes and we believe that they have been trained in the near country of Takistan.

Its the task forces main priority not to piss off the locals so we don't cause an uprising. This means don't enter peoples property unless we believe there is a cashe inside.


The recent political events in the middle east have caused anti-U.S outbreaks and thus we are being IED'd more and attacked more. Our Embassy in fallujah has been attacked twice in the last month.There have been reports of another attack on the embassy and this time, armed militia have attacked. The Task force element has been tasked to aid in the defence of the embassy.

To try and stop people entering the embassy, the guards denied their SUV at the main entrance. Since the path is blocked. The Task Force will be required to fly in by Helo and land on the embassy roof. There is no guarantee that the LZ will be safe so a quick exit from the chopper is essential.

Due to the type of enemy we expect contact from, our rules of engagement are to only fire when fired upon. 

The Task Force has an attachment of 5th Mechanized - M6 Linebacker-, an attachment of "Talon" Army Air Corps - Little bird, UH-60 and A-10 "Tank Buster"- and a Special Forces unit "Vagas".

VEGAS will be attached to the unit because they have a high priority mission of killing Col. Aziz. The only declassified details are that we believe that Aziz is hiding in a hotel in Fallujah. It is marked on the maps.


So as not to cause any alarm, vagas will not attack the hotel until the main element arrives at the hotel. 

Once all the cashe locations are cleared and Col. Aziz is dead, The Main Element will RTB and get resupplyed to go to the embassy. When the embassy is clear of attack, the taskforce can RTB and Debrief.

The "order of service" is that all elements mount the vehicles once kitted and briefed. The Main Element will then move to the Cashe areas in orders from 1 - 6. At these cashe sites, The map will be marked "OP1, OP2 and Stryker" These are the points at which 1st squad will go to "OP1", second to "OP2" and Linebacker to "Stryker".

When at these points, the said elements will dismount their vehicles and seek cover. Once they have achieved this, there will be an order to all fire team leaders via 117F radio to move in on the cash. Once the cash is destroyed said elements will return to their vehicles and move on to the next Cashe point. The cashes can be destroyed by being shot at or blown up.

The Role of the 5th Mechanized is to provide support and cover for the two infantry elements. (There are spare Armoured vehicles should the element require them. However this doesnt mean that you can go gun hoe. Any vehicles destroyed is UNACCEPTABLE)

The Role of talon is to provide air support, medevac and transport to embassy.

The Role of the RG infantry is the Search of all suspected cashe locations - warrants have been issued for the premesis'.

The Role of Vagas SOG is to attach to the main element and then kill Col. Aziz. They will need to confirm Kill him via screen shot and body bags.

BAES 086040 492x277

Mission video - Convoy - Andrews Helmet Cam


Loading Screen - By Andrews


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