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Operation Rock Avalanche (Completed Jan 2013) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Soucy   
Thursday, 17 January 2013 00:00
Operation Rock Avalanche
By Soucy

The 1st Rifles Platoon is at it again, after a mission north in the Aliabad Region of Afghanistan, we have been ordered back to Camp Prozakhar to be the tip of the spear in the next major operation in the Korangal Valley. The United States, Great Britain and German Forces are operating in the Area of Operations. Through the Taliban have remained strong in the region, its now time to forcefully remove them from the valley all together. 

Muhammad Tali has been a ongoing source of leadership to Taliban fighters along with other insurgent forces in the region. He is known to be responsible for a series of deadly IED attacks and ambushes of ISAF forces during the past month. He is believed to be hiding in the villages throughout the valley. 

- Destroy all Taliban fighters in the region
- Locate and Destroy Taliban Fighting Positions and Caches.
- Hearts and Minds

-Eliminate Taliban leader Muhammad Tali


Use the Intel the locals in the area have provided to locate and destroy all Taliban fighters and if possible capture or eliminate Taliban leader Muhammad Tali.


United States, Great Britain and German Forces are all operating in the area. 

- United States:
Elements of the 101st Air Assault Division and 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team are based at Forward Operating and Observation Posts throughout the region. The B Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment(Airborne), 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team have been tasked with setting up a blocking position to the northern sector of the Korangal Valley.

- Great Britain:
Elements of the 42nd Commando are in the area, the 42nd is based out of FOB Mike 1 & 2.
1st Platoon, A Coy, 1st Battalion, 42nd Commando have been tasked with setting up a blocking position to the northern sector of the Korangal Valley.

- Germany:
Elements of the 26th Airborne Brigade are deployed in the region and will be conducting normal patrols throughout the Area of Operation. 
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- Taliban:
The Taliban are believed to be gaining is strength every day now. North in the more populated areas where ISAF patrols have managed to mainly remove them have hurt there numbers but forced more to flood into the valley for protection. Currently there are roughly 40 to 60 Taliban Fighters in the valley.

- Others:
A small group of other fighters are rumored to be in the area and working for the Taliban. They are rumored to be heavily armed and trained fighters.


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