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Written by Chewie   
Monday, 10 September 2012 00:00




Operation Aliabad Dredge

By Chewie


RG has been deployed to the Aliabad region and has been tasked with aiding the local military forces in keeping the peace and pushing the Taliban out of the area. Over the past few months there has been a massive spike in IED production, and they have been becoming more and more effective against our mine resistant vehicles. Just last week alone there have been more than 30 IEDS reported in the nearby Clafghan mountain Region, and we are expecting a rise here in Aliabad.

The overall goal is to target and reduce the number of IED Experts and IED Factories within the Aliabd region. Eliminate IED Caches and factories where ever possible.

Use the Intel the locals in the area have provided and find a medium sized IED Cache and destroy it. All suspected areas have been marked on your maps.

Gambler 1-3 has attached a small 3-4 man Contingent to help detonate the IED Cache, and to provide EOD Support when necessary.



- TALON is only to be activated when RG Units are under contact.
- TALON is to be used only as Fire Support and Medevac due to the fact that there have been insurgents using Anti Air launchers in the area. DO NOT USE AS A SCREEN OR SPOTTER.

- Drive at Q speed through populated areas.
- Do not search or occupy any residence without orders to do so.
- Allow civilian traffic to move about without hindrance.
- Do not drive vehicles off road in settlements unless absolutely necessary.
- Map zoom is also limited.

- Do not engage unless an order is given from Squad leader, or you have been directly engaged.
- Attempt to avoid property damage where possible.

-There is no revive only respawn.

Equipment and Ammunition
-There are no weapons boxes in the mission so what you start with is what you get.
-In the farp there is an ammunition box, Radio box and ruck box.
-There are also a few hydration packs lying around near the bunker.(keep in mind that the hydradtion packs use the arma 2 system for packing and unpacking.)
-Engineering equipment, Anti Tank Launchers, and a 60mm mortar can be found in the Gambler 1-3 section of the farp.

Medical Supplies
-You can find all necessary medical equipment in the gear menu of the field hospital, located within the talon section of the farp.

Mission Completion
-There will be no end screen when mission is complete, so feel free to add on whatever you would like after finding and dealing with the ammo cache.The opportunity of clearing a large area should pop up towards the end and i believe it would be fun to have the guys go out and check dog tags to see what nationalities they are dealing with.


Operational Breifing - Talon PoV

arma2oa 2012-08-26 21-25-41-06


 Mission Video and Screenshots


arma2OA 2012-08-26 14-57-31-56.jpg
arma2OA 2012-08-26 14-45-16-48.jpg
arma2OA 2012-08-26 14-43-44-90.jpg
arma2OA 2012-08-26 14-25-12-64.jpg
arma2OA 2012-08-26 14-23-32-65.jpg
arma2OA 2012-08-26 14-22-25-41.jpg
arma2OA 2012-08-26 14-21-29-17.jpg


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