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Written by LightningUK   
Monday, 10 December 2012 00:00



Operation Strong Resolve

By LightningUK



NATOTHAMF/RES/22/07/2012 authorises deployment 1st Rifles your base of Operation aboard the HMS Astute.

secure the beach and surrounding area to set up a forward operation base to conduct further operation agains the Russia Federation forces who are hoping to hold the area so there can get there hands on the new oil fields in the area

NATOTHAMF consists elements of 1st Rifles,+ Support and will be based in theatre at HMS Astute , making use of remaining infrastructure of iimarinem airbase, formerly HQ 108 Sqn Russian AF.

UK Government assessment is that Limited forces permitted under NATOTHPK/RES/22/07/2012 will significantly curtail ability of UK AMF forces to carry out their primary mission effectively.

Requirement in particular for force protection in vicinity Etelapato\Dam\Southeast Thirsk will in practice limit Ground Force Commander to pro-active deployment of not more than Platoon strength QRF + attachments for all routine tasks.

Support from rotary and fixed wing assets from Talon will be similarly limited and further constrained by unilateral Anti Air Zones by Russian Federation forces 12MAR12.

Local situation Norway’s Statoil said Monday it has discovered a large oil reserve in the Barents Sea, its second major oil find in the Arctic region in less than a year.on the island of Thirsk

The state-controlled oil company said a well drilled in the Havis prospect in the Barents Sea proved both oil and gas at an estimated volume of between 200 million and 300 million barrelsof recoverable oil equivalents.



A. Enemy Forces

Units of the Russian Airborne Troops may be deployed in the Arctic as part of a permanent multi-branch contingent in the region, the Airborne Troops chief of staff said on Thursday.

Lt. Gen. Nikolai Ignatov said the possibility of paratroopers joining the Arctic contingent was being studied on the orders of the Airborne Troops commander, Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov.

"As soon as the analysis is completed, we will submit a report to the Defense Ministry, which will make the final decision," Ignatov said.

The general also said the Airborne Troops may include helicopter regiments by 2012, when the state arms procurement program is concluded.

"By that time [2012], we will have helicopters and everything else that we need," Ignatov said.

Russia's Airborne Troops currently number 32,000 personnel in four airborne divisions, an airborne assault brigade, and a special forces reconnaissance regiment.


Airforce:what we do know is that there are Mil Mi-24,Kamov Ka-50 "Black Shark"
In the area that belongs to the 6980th aviation base (THIRSK)

Conclusion: significant numbers of armed groupings, with access to modern Russian military hardware. Intent towards BLUFOR unknown at present but assumed hostile.

B. Friendly Forces

UNBDL Ground Forces Composition (avowed):



HMS Astute is a nuclear-powered submarine in the Royal Navy, the lead ship of her class. Astute is the second submarine of the Royal Navy to be named for the characteristic of shrewdness and discernment.

The first was the World War II Amphion-class Astute. Builders BAE Systems describe her as "the largest and most able attack submarine that the Royal Navy has operated.

arma2 OA 2012 10 27 13 10 17 90 bmp

NATOTHAMF Ground Forces (deniable):
SBS/Seals Teams (Special Forces) 

NATOTHAMF Air Forces (RAF 906 EAW):[LIST][*]1x Chinook CH47[*]2x Lynx[*]1x Apache AH1[*]will become active if we take the Airfield

C. Weather
Forecast is Heavy Winter Snow early on becoming overcast towards midday – visibility moderate.

D. Terrain
This White environment near the Arctic Zone. Inspiration were countries such as Greenland & Finland. 

2UP Intent
Conduct Operation in accordance with provisions of NATOTHAMF/RES/22/07/2012.

1UP Intent
ESTABLISH Operation in AO through aggressive foot patrols in the areas Gather INTELLIGENCE on Russia activity and CONFRONT Russia elements where encountered.


COMBAT PATROL. 1/R will move by boat to and proceed to Combat Patrol through Etelapato Dam Search and distroy Russia Anti Air Radar Stations on the island ,
phase 2 Move to capture the Airfield on iimarinem. 

Who: 1 Rifles, Gambler 1-1, Gambler 1-2, elements of Gambler 1-3
What: Foot patrol in rural environment
When: 22/1800Z/Aug2012
Where: In vicinity Karhunhammus, Thirsk.
Why: ESTABLISH AMF security presence, Gather INTELLIGENCE and CONFRONT Russia elements..and search and destroy Russia Anti Air Radar operations


Card ALPHA. Assault (or defence ) . All targets can be attack on reciveing a order from high command.


Operation will be conducted in three (4) phases:

Phase 1 - 1/R will Board fast combats boats and head to Etelapato Dam and conduct RIF Patrol"RECON IN FORCE PATROL"

Phase 2 - 1/R will manoeuvre N from Dam to secure Anti Air Station before continuing movement W through E to approach OBJ RV1 from W. 1/R will SEARCH and Destroy OBJ 2-Anti Air Station Two .

Phase 3 – 1/R will manoeuvre W through S for OBJ EVAC Red to get on boats thur shallow water, to reach Yellow Beach and securing Beach Head of S-W GRID 014 046.
1/R will then manoeuvre W and approach OBJ Airfield though forest.

Phase 4 – 1/R will Attack and SECURE OBJ and wait out .

Phase 5 – 1/R will SECURE OBJ Airfield. Plt HQ will identify suitable Habour point for 1/R Were the Unit will be debrief.
1st Rifles Patrol - Thirsk Island


A. General: No changes to SOP

B. Materials and Services:

1. Supply:

Subsistence – no field rations required.
Clothing/tools – uniform is Snow Camo , rucks will contain medical supplies. Each SEC will carry ear plugs, smoke grenades.
Standard weapons will be used.

2. Transportation: via 4 Fast Assault Craft assets at discretion PLT HQ

3. Services: None.

4. Maintenance: We will be checking weapons, radios and equipment prior to issue.

C. Personnel: Roll call to be completed prior to 1845Z

B. Signal

1st Rifles CSI: ECHO
Frequencies for this Op:
Plt Net: VHF Channel 3
FAC Main/CASEVAC : VHF Channel 1
FOO: VHF Channel 4
G/1/1: PRR Ch 1
G/1/2: PRR Ch 2
G/1/3: PRR Ch 3
H/2/1: PRR Ch 6
Operations Map
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