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Written by Andrews   
Saturday, 04 August 2012 00:00



Operation Volcano (Afghan Patrol)

By Andrews



Recently returned from the sands of Helmand, 42 Commando Royal Marines are one of three elite battalion-sized units which make up the global punch of 3 Commando Brigade. Based in Bickleigh, just outside Plymouth, 42 Commando – pronounced Four-Two, not Forty-Two – had been tasked with the crucial security mission in the Nad-e Ali district of Helmand.


42 Commando Arrive in Helmand


42 Commando (1st Rifles) and the AAC (Army Air Corps - Talon) are tasked with the following mission:

Just another patrol.


30 Player Co-Op
2 1st Rifles fireteams (42 commando British Skins)
Officers Squad (Khus, Pedro, Fox) Thanks to Chewie
Command Squad (Chewie, Dutch, Lightning)
Talon (1 x pilot 2xQRF crew members) can use skids
1 x President (general) VIP (Killed ends mission, will be engaged by OPFOR)
Living Market Place (Chewie/Dutch + some added touches)
Populated Map (cars, outposts)
Air Wing Support: 1 x Chinook, 1 x MH6 (QRF) 1 x AH6 (Rockets)
Fort Benning FOB (Thanks to Dutch)
Ammo crates and weapons available (British Highly suggested) Officers, Talon (Custom)
BackPacks/Meds/Chemlights/HuntIR etc available
Custom slots for all officers/admins
All 42 Commando skins have m16 (thanks to chewie for the loadout)
5 x Civilian (OPFOR) Roleplay/PVP insurgent slots
1 x Stronkie Slot (Harry Press) Thanks to Chewie
UN Base and helo (Thanks to LightningUK)
Patrol Convoy (2 x Landrover soft top, 2 x Landrover 50cal., 1 x Vodnik PKM (VIP Transport)
Time/Day/Weather Selection
Unarmed UAV HMMWV for Command / JTAC usage
UAV Utility HMMWV for Command / JTAC usage Transport
Presidential Vodnik (VIP Transport)
Land Rover Defenders (1st Rifles Transport)
Fuel/Ammo/Repair Added from talon (no chopper respawn)
added "more random snipers" & "Market Ambience"



After years of bloody civil war, Hazar-Kot Valley is on the verge of Peace. 

The opposition leaders and NATO-backed President Jaffar Mahami have agreed to a meeting in downtown Hazar-Kot Market. 1st Rifles is tasked with escorting and protecting Mahami to, from, and during the meet. Furthermore, Mahami plans to meet with his constituents at the UN Refugee Camp and convince them that Hazar-Kot Valley is still a safe place to live. 

Many civilians have gathered along the border seeking a way out of the country. 42 Commando will also escort and protect Mahami to, during his stay, and from the camp. 

After the misson is completed return Mahami to Camp Churchill. 42 Commando will operate from FOB Churchill and will have all its normal assets. Air support from the airwing (Talon) is limited, as a show of heavy force may spook the opposition leaders. 2 Littlebird's and a Chinook are standing by to provide CAS.



42 Command0o (1st Rifles) GAMBLER August 2012

arma2oa 2012-07-08 18-57-06-41



Video of pre-mission test



Mission Video 


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