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Operation Wolf (Completed April 2012) PDF Print E-mail
Written by LightningUK   
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 00:00


 rg wolf



by LightningUK


In preperation for Operaton Wild Snake, 1st Rifles (GAMBLER) acting US rangers, parachuted into a hostile enemy jungle and raided a secure barracks located deep within the island. 

This mission and its Objectives are classified. 




ARL gained big influence in the central area and majority of the population is supporting them. To add fuel to the fire, a powerful druglord Ramon Rambante formed a large drug cartel and is financing and supporting ARL faction against the El Presidente & his GAL (Goverment Army of Lingor). US & EU cut the help to El Presidente as major corruption issues appeared. And GAL's flattening of two villages with newly acquired A4 Skyhawk bombers put the cherry to the top. Now countries are pressing hard on military operation to stop El Presidente and ARL is ready to stop the GAL's strong offensive for hot summer days of 2012.





Operations Map

lingor 1337map


Operation video, recorded by Andrews helmet cam - LightingUK commanding


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