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Written by The Scribe   
Friday, 14 June 2013 05:26


Who we are

"A Community for the players, by the players" - LightningUK (2007)


The Reality Gaming [RG] staff consists of genuine milsim gamers from around the world.

Our community was founded in 2007 when some close friends came together playing the Battlefield 2 Mod, Project Reality. Our friendships were forged fighting alongside one another within large scale campaigns. Slowly, our group has grown and we have built a highly trained on-line veteran task force. Uniquely disciplined and ready for deployment within any given simulation, the RG Task Force is the joint accomplishment of our dedicated hard working staff. 

Never forgetting our roots, we strive to provide a free, mature, fun, organised place for experienced people to connect and help develop our growing community. As RG grows, we constantly add to our community teams building each group and assigning mod leaders within those disciplines. This allows our community to out live the gaming platforms we use while keeping RG highly adaptable to change.

Our People:

Reality Gaming is an English speaking community, while we accept international membership we all communicate in English. The core staff have known one other for several years and have unique personalities and commitments, we have learned to work together through our common goals and have developed RG using our individual talents.


Andrews - "Leaders in Reality"

London born Andrews is the owner and head admin of Reality Gaming. He started his first clan within Delta Force (PC 1998) and started playing the orginal C&C series competitively on-line. Turning 22 he created the 26 air mobile brigade, a large 50 man strong Air Assault unit within MOHAA (PC 2002) this was aided several by soldiers from the United Kingdom. Learning much from these leaders of men, Andrews quickly went on to launch the Deadly Dozen, a small group of highly skilled competitive Call of Duty (PC 2003) players from Europe. The Deadly Dozen achieved several awards, ranging from UK no1 in the clanbase ladder to smashing sponsored teams at i-23 (multiplay LAN) where they won cash prizes and became sponsored themselves.

At 24 Andrews started a family and retired as a clan leader. Following 3 years of adjustment into his new role as a Dad and losing 90% of his "cat like" sniper reflexes, Andrew decided to create a place where he could retire from the high octane pace of competitive gaming and relax amongst friends. This casual community would focus more on realism and creating unique experiences for mature like minded milsim soldiers while allowing flexibility.

In 2007 Andrew co-created Operation Reality, a unique project to conduct large scale tournaments and campaigns within ARMA. After several years of developing, researching and perfecting our goal, Andrew created Reality Gaming in 2010.

As a community leader and senior manager with over 15 years of experience, his guidance and direction have helped build our great community.


LightningUK - "A community for the players, by the players"

Yorkshire man Lightning served over 15years in the British Armed Forces before semi-retiring as Security Contractor to raise a large family in Northern England. Actively leading soldiers both on & offline for nearly 25years has given Lightning a unique grasp on milsim while bringing direction within Realism and Structure. Lightning is a senior admin and founder of Reality Gaming, he also Co-founded Operation Reality with Andrews back in 2007. Ever since, both Andrew and Lightning have become close friends, having worked together for several years. LightningUK draws on his real life experiences as a British soldier to produce content for our mission team. 


Chewie - "Let Slip the Dogs of War"

Chewie comes from a proud line of soldiers. Chewie, a military enthusiast and keen sportsman first met Andrews and Lightning back in 2008 and soon went on to create a successful North American Task Force in 2011, boasting several talented members with a nack for realism. In returning to full time work, Chewie joined Reality Gaming in 2012 and has worked hard to build a strong North American presence within RG. He is a natural leader that has brought a level of realism and procedure to RG that has propelled it into a new era realism. Being a marketing graduate with a keen eye for style, Chewie as a senior admin and close friends to Andrews has help direct and refine the communities online image. 

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