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Sunday, 24 March 2013 21:28

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5th Mechanized Group [EXCALIBUR]

5th Mech is our “motorised” platoon, the motorised platoon consists of two sections, the Armoured section and the demolitions/artillery (EoD) section.

The demolitions and artillery section are focused on one thing, and that is explosions, they are also comprised of our logistical troops who will do most of the setting up of defence’s and mortar groups.


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They aren’t a defending force though, with artillery they will hit the target from a distance and with demolitions they will move close to the enemy locations and detonate their explosives to great effect. The Armoured Section is the strength that pushes the infantry sections and supports them up close, they are mainly there for supporting operations and are used to roll over difficult targets, to be a part of an armoured crew is to be part of a tight nit team.

Usually consisting of Three crew members the team will work to coordinate their attack, focusing on taking out large targets and obstacles, and supporting the infantry in taking objectives by drawing attention away from the objective (becoming the objective).


1st Rifles Support

5th Mech are under the direct command of 1st Rifles Platoon. When operating alongside 1st Rifles they become mobile infantry, mechanized infantry can maintain rapid tactical movement and (if mounted in IFVs) possess more integral firepower. They require more combat supplies (ammunition and especially fuel) and ordnance supplies (spare vehicle components), and a comparatively larger proportion of their manpower is required to crew and maintain the vehicles. For example, most APCs mount a section of seven or eight infantrymen, but have a crew of two. Most IFVs only carry six or seven infantry, but require a crew of three. To be effective in the field, mechanized units also require large numbers of mechanics with specialized maintenance and recovery vehicles and equipment. Light infantry are more effective when fighting from prepared defence positions, but are more vulnerable than mechanized infantry on the attack.


5th Mech - Bringing the MEAT

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We are aware of the fact that Armour can take a away gameplay from Infantry and would like to avoid that. By ensuring that we do not use Overkill armament, we ensure that the Infantry still has enough fun and gameplay. Safety for the vehicle is also a high-priority, seeing that any damages take a considerable amount of time to repair fully.

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