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Written by Chewie   
Thursday, 27 September 2012 07:13

Special Operations Group

The Special Forces are not for everyone


Squad Description: 

RG SOG is a special operations force tasked with five primary missions: unconventional warfare (the original and most important mission of Special Forces), foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, and counter-terrorism. The first two emphasize language, cultural, and training skills in working with foreign troops. Other duties include hostage rescue, combat search and rescue (CSAR), security assistance, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian demining, counter-proliferation, psychological operations, manhunts, and counter-drug operations; other components of the Special Operations Command or other government activities may also specialize in these secondary areas. Many of their operational techniques are classified, but some nonfiction works and doctrinal manuals are available.

Currently, Special Forces units are deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom. As a special operations unit, Special Forces are not necessarily under the command authority of the ground commanders in those countries. Instead, while in theater, SF soldiers may report directly to Reality Gaming Central Command, RGSOCOM, or other command authorities.

Selection and eligibility:

In order to be eligible for selection a candidate must...
-Have completed six months of exemplary service (there will be some exceptions) in Reality Gaming.
-Must have reached the rank of Cpl.
-Must be at least 18 years of age.

What we look for in potential candidates:


The Application and Selection Process


-RG SOG APPS are only accepted when there is a vacancy within the detachment.
-Only those applicants who meet the eligibility standards will be considered.
-All accepted applicants will be required to make a $10 donation prior to the start of the selection process.(THIS IS A TEST OF DEDICATION AND LOYALTY)

Selection Process:

All applicants will be required to pass basic and advanced skill tests in order to be considered. These tests will include...

-Marksmanship in various platforms.
-Fluidity of movement and control.
-Advanced Combat Navigation course.
-ACE Medical system test.
-Radio procedures, and communication presence evaluation.
-Driving and vehicle gunnery.
-Live fire exercise and evaluation.

Even if an applicant passes all tests he or she may still not be selected.

Special Forces MOS descriptions 

18A – Special Forces Officer[18]
180A – Special Forces Warrant Officer[19]
18B – Special Forces Weapons Sergeant[20]
18C – Special Forces Engineer Sergeant[21]
18D – Special Forces Medical Sergeant[22]
18E – Special Forces Communications Sergeant[23]
18F – Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant
18X – Special Forces Candidate (Active Duty Enlistment Option)[24]
18Z – Special Forces Operations Sergeant

Basic Element – SOG Operational Detachment-A composition

-An ODA consists of 12 men, each of whom has a specific function (MOS or Military Occupational Specialty) on the team, however all members of an ODA conduct cross-training. The ODA is led by an 18A (Detachment Commander), usually a captain, and a 180A (Assistant Detachment Commander) who is his second in command, usually a Warrant Officer One or Chief Warrant Officer Two. The team also includes the following enlisted men: one 18Z team sergeant (Operations Sergeant), usually a master sergeant, one 18F (Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant), usually a sergeant first class, and two each, 18Bs (Weapons Sergeant), 18Cs (Engineer Sergeant), 18Ds (Medical Sergeant), and 18Es (Communications Sergeant), usually sergeants first class, staff sergeants or sergeants. This organization facilitates 6-man "split team" operations, redundancy, and mentoring between a senior specialist NCO and his junior assistant.



To APPLY Click on the following link - APPLY FOR REALITY GAMING

See you on the battlefield!

The Reality Gaming Staff
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